Gass Weber Mullins co-founder Ric Gass is the subject of an Executive Profile in the April 27, 2012 issue of Milwaukee Business Journal. In this feature, Gass, a nationally renowned litigator and president of the Litigation Counsel of America, discusses his background, the string of consecutive trial victories achieved by Gass Weber Mullins from 2010-12, and the multi-faceted approach which has led to his longstanding success in the courtroom.

Gass believes that combining cutting-edge technology with traditional litigation skills allows him to be optimally persuasive to juries. The method appears to be working. The attorneys of Gass Weber Mullins have won more than $130 million in verdicts over the past three years. Gass himself has won three trials since December 2011, and expects to try four more by the end of 2012.

G. Steven Henry, executive director and general counsel of the Litigation Counsel of America, commented that, “Gass is a trial lawyer at the top of his game and has developed an exceptional ability to communicate with juries….He’s truly an artist at taking a case and dissecting it and getting to the heart of the matter.”

Milwaukee Business Journal Profile