Gass Weber Mullins lawyers Joseph Fasi and Frantz Destin Jr. recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a doctor following a four-day jury trial in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  The plaintiff alleged that the doctor failed to diagnose and treat a bone infection, failed to perform the proper procedures, kept inaccurate medical records, and prescribed the wrong medication.  The infection resulted in a partial amputation of the plaintiff’s toe and, at trial, the plaintiff argued that she would still have all of her toes but for the doctor’s negligence.  The defense argued that the plaintiff failed to take the medication that the doctor prescribed and chose to have her toe amputated instead of undergoing antibiotic treatment for several weeks.  The jury agreed with Mr. Fasi and Mr. Destin and found that the doctor’s conduct was not the legal cause of injury to the plaintiff—rendering a defense verdict in a plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction.