After a two-week jury trial in Palm Beach, Florida, Gass Weber Mullins attorneys Joseph Fasi and Frantz Destin Jr. recently obtained a favorable verdict on behalf of a cigarette manufacturer.  The plaintiff sought $10 million in damages for the death of his mother, an addicted smoker.  At trial, Fasi and Destin argued that the plaintiff’s mother knew the risks, but continued to smoke.  In this Engle progeny case, the jury was instructed that (1) smoking causes certain diseases, and (2) tobacco companies hid the dangers of smoking.  Nonetheless, after deliberating for just over an hour, the jury agreed with Fasi and Destin, and found that the plaintiff’s deceased mother was responsible for 80% of Plaintiff’s damages.  The jury awarded no damages on Plaintiff’s fraudulent concealment claims and no punitive damages.  The ultimate jury award to the plaintiff was $10,000 – just 0.1% of the amount he sought.