After extensive discovery and briefing, Gass Weber Mullins attorneys Ric Gass, Tamar Kelber, Daniel Kennedy and Stephen Trigg recently obtained a dismissal of personal injury action in New Jersey for lack of personal jurisdiction.  The case arose out of a New Jersey resident’s accident at the Emerald Grande Resort in Destin, Florida, when he dove into a pool in the middle of the night, causing severe, permanent personal injuries.  He brought suit in New Jersey state court against the Emerald Grande and several other defendants.  Plaintiff conducted voluminous purported jurisdictional discovery argued that the various defendants’ contacts with New Jersey subjected the Emerald Grande to the New Jersey court’s jurisdiction.  The Emerald Grande argued that it lacked continuous and systematic contacts with New Jersey sufficient to deem it “at home” in that state for purposes of general jurisdiction, and that plaintiffs had not established an “act or occurrence” in New Jersey that would make it reasonable to require the Emerald Grande to defend itself in a New Jersey court.  The Court accepted the Emerald Grande’s arguments, concluded that it had neither “general” nor “specific” personal jurisdiction over the Emerald Grande, and dismissed the case.